Only the best for you and your PRINCE-DFSK vehicle!

Customer’s centricity is at the heart of PRINCE-DFSK’s customer services. If you own a PRINCE-DFSK vehicle, you'll already know about our reputation for reliability. The best way to make sure your car keeps running smoothly is to entrust it to our team of experts. Because no one knows your car better than the people who made it. Our range of services guarantees you the best quality, long lasting competence and constant mobility.

Our dealerships are equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment, special service tools and staffed with highly skilled technicians providing best aftersales services to ensure a truly joyful, care free and safe-on-the road experience.

3 Free Services

As part of the initiation period for a new PRINCE-DFSK vehicle owner, we are offering 3 Free Preventive Maintenance Services as per following:
  • First Free Service 1000km / 1 month.
  • Second Free Service 5000kms /3 month.
  • Third Free Service 10,000kms/6 month.
“Please note that labour of above free preventive maintenance services is free, pay only for Parts and Lubricants”.